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habendum clause

is not an essential requirement of a deed but if used will follow the granting clause and define or limit the interest being transferred. The habendum clause begins with the words “to have and to hold.”


  1. Having a physical or mental disability (including hearing, mobility and visual improvements, chronic alcoholism, chronic mental illness, AIDS, AIDS Related complex and mental retardation)
  2. having a record of such a disability
  3. being regarded as having a disability.


The earliest property descriptions in Georgia in the eastern area used the headrights approach, which depends on natural boundaries and markers.


The uniqueness of land. No two parcels of land are ever exactly the same.

highest and best use

is generally the value sought by the independent appraiser for a subject property. The appraiser is employed to form a value opinion as to the site’s highest and best use “as if vacant” and “as improved.”

home inspector

professionals who provide a deliberate and methodical visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure. The home inspector does what most buyers fail to do, make a thorough and objective inspection of the house.

homeowner association

are entities created by a planned unit development to own the common areas and enforce subdivision restrictions including maintaining and managing the amenities. Financial participation is mandatory to insure funds are available for maintenance.

homeowner's insurance policy

a standard insurance policy that protects and covers a real estate owner against financial loss from fire, theft, public liability, and other common risks.


Land that is owned and occupied as the family home. In many states a portion of the area or value of this land is protected or exempt from judgements for debts.


To pledge property as security for an obligation or loan without giving up possession of it.

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