If you are a YAHOO! email user - Prior to creating a new account on this website, please add the following filters to your YAHOO! email service to allow AREA email to be delivered to your INBOX. This is necessary because YAHOO! routinely delivers AREA email to your SPAM email folder or TRASH email folder.

  1. From your YAHOO! email account - click Settings (upper right hand corner of the YAHOO! inbox page).
  2. Look down in the Settings box and click on More Settings.
  3. On the left side click on Filters, then click on Add New Filters.
  4. Under Set Rules select From and then select Contains and type in the Filter Value field "noreply@area-education.com" without the quotes.
  5. Under Choose a Folder to Move do NOT select from the drop down menu. Instead, after "or" enter the folder name "inbox" without the quotes. 
  6. Click SAVE and your done!.
  7. Then add one more filter by repeating the above steps substituting "education@area-ga.com" for "noreply@area-education.com".
  8. Continue to check SPAM for the emails as YAHOO sends emails through the SPAM filter first.
  9. Open emails found in SPAM and mark them as Not Spam and add them to the Inbox to correct the problem going forward.

Four reasons to STOP using your YAHOO! email account:

  1. Use of YAHOO!, GMAIL, other free email services, and your ISP email is simply unprofessional - if you are serious about presenting a professional image, you should have an email address similar to YourName@YourDomain.com - even if YourDomain.com is not fully functional.
  2. YAHOO! and other free email providers use your account access to expose you to an unending stream of advertisers who may be paying to have access to your email inbox.
  3. YAHOO! and other free services may be diverting legitimate email to your "spam" or "bulk" mail folder while delivering spam from its advertisers to your inbox. 
  4. You are advertising YAHOO! or other businesses for free! You don't have to.  

Having a free email service is fine for "playing" on the internet or for maintaining anonymity in a chat room. However, if you are using the internet for business, get your own email address - you can be FREE of the "free" services and promote your own business rather than someone else's.

Own and control your own domain name and personalized email for less than $14.99 per year!

For as little as $9.99 per year you can own your own domain name and for just a few dollars more you can have your own personal, professional, and permanent email address. You will be able to access your email from any browser and use popular email clients such as Outlook and Outlook Express. And, you will never again have to change email addresses just because you change your internet service provider (ISP).

Just click here - search for and select your professional sounding domain name. Once your domain is purchased, you will be able to configure your own email account and address - it's easy!

However, if you need help, Dick Viti will be glad to configure your account for you for just $50.00 - contact him at DickViti@area-ga.com. Now FREE yourself from YAHOO! , GMAIL, JUNO, other "free" services and your ISP's email.

Last modified: Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 1:17 PM